Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health
South Dakota Department of Health

South Dakota Fish Consumption Advisories

Fish in South Dakota lakes and rivers are tested for metals, pesticides, and PCB's as a collaborative effort of the South Dakota Departments of Game, Fish & Parks, Environment & Natural Resources, and Health. The Department of Health recommends the following guidelines for indicated species in lakes with consumption advisories in place:

  • Healthy adults — no more than one 7-oz. meal per week (52 meals per year); 7 oz. is equal to two medium-size portions or roughly the size of two decks of playing cards
  • High risk groups (women who plan to become pregnant, are pregnant, or are breast-feeding) — no more than one 7-oz. meal per month (12 meals per year)
  • Children under age 7 — no more than one 4-oz. meal per month (12 meals per year); 4 oz. is equal to one medium-size portion or roughly the size of one deck of playing cards



County Lake Fish Species
Brookings/Kingsbury Twin Lakes Walleye - 18" & larger
Northern Pike - 19" & larger
Brown Elm Lake Walleye - 25" & larger
Butte Newell Lake
Walleye - 18" & larger
Northern Pike - over 18"

Reid Lake

Swan Lake

Walleye - over 23"

Walleye - over 21"

Codington Long Lake Walleye - over 17"
Corson Pudwell Dam

Walleye -18" & larger

Black Crappie - over 12"


Bitter Lake


Hazeldon Lake

Lake Minnewasta

Lardy Lake

Lynn Lake

Middle Lynn Lake

Walleye - all sizes
Northern Pike - 30" & larger

Walleye -21" & larger

Walleye -18" & larger

Walleye -25" & larger

Walleye -18" & larger

Walleye -18" & larger

Northern Pike - over 26"

Dewey Lake Isabel Northern Pike - 25" & larger
Largemouth Bass - 17" & larger
Kingsbury/Brookings Twin Lakes Walleye - 18" & larger
Northern Pike - 19" & larger
McCook/Minnehaha North Island Lake

Walleye - 18" & larger

Smallmouth Bass - 18" & larger

Minnehaha Twin Lakes Walleye - all sizes
Perkins Coal Springs Reservoir Northern Pike - over 25"
Potter Lake Hurley Largemouth Bass - 18" & larger
Tripp Lake Roosevelt

Largemouth Bass -18" & larger
Northern Pike - over 24"

For more information contact: Pat Snyder, SD Department of Environment & Natural Resources, 773-4729
John Lott, SD Department of Game, Fish & Parks, 773-4508 
Bill Chalcraft, SD Department of Health, 773-4945

NOTE: Regarding fish from freshwater lakes, ponds, and streams where mercury levels are not currently known, the Environmental Protection Agency makes the following recommendation:

If you are pregnant or could become pregnant, are nursing a baby, or if you are feeding a young child, limit consumption of freshwater fish caught by family and friends to one meal per week. For adults one meal is six
ounces of cooked fish or eight ounces uncooked fish; for a young child one meal is two ounces cooked fish or
three ounces uncooked fish.

In addition, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued advice on mercury in fish bought from stores
and restaurants, which includes ocean and coastal fish as well as other types of commercial fish. FDA advises
that women who are pregnant or could become pregnant, nursing mothers and young children not eat shark, swordfish, king mackerel, or tilefish. FDA also advises that women of childbearing age and pregnant women
may eat an average of 12 ounces of fish purchased in stores and restaurants each week. Therefore, if in a
given week you eat 12 ounces of cooked fish from a store or restaurant, then do not eat fish caught by your family
or friends that week. This is important to keep the total level of methylmercury contributed by all fish at a low level
in your body.

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