Kim Malsam-Rysdon, Secretary of Health

Office of Disease Prevention Data Confidentiality & Security

South Dakota state law 34-22-12 requires physicians, hospitals, laboratories, and institutions to report communicable diseases to to the Department of Health (DOH). The public has a right to privacy under U.S. constitutional amendments, the public health service act, South Dakota state law 34-22-12, and Department of Health, Administrative Policies and Procedures, Statement No. 25, issued: November 17, 2008, (Title: HIPAA-Confidentiality).

To ensure confidentiality of HIV surveillance data, DOH has established a confidentiality and security manual for those working with the data.

All DOH personnel including career service, exempt, contractors, and interns who have access to confidential medical or epidemiological information must be knowledgeable about South Dakota Codified Laws and DOH Administrative Policies and Procedures (HIPAA-Confidentiality).

Please complete the following steps (use ADOBE for the following documents):

Step #1 - Read the following documents:

Step #2 - Print and sign the following documents

(follow directions on each document and mail to SD Department of Health, Office of Disease Prevention, HIV Surveillance Coordinator, 615 E. 4th St., Pierre, SD 57501)

Step #3 - Send an email indicating you have completed the training

Email to receive a completed Electronic Lab Reporting Security Overview indicating your access level.

Reference documents

Information contact

Questions? Call Christine Olson or Nick Hill at 605-773-3737.

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