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SDCL 44:04:18

Registry status implies only that an unlicensed individual has met the minimal training and testing requirements necessary to accept delegated tasks by a licensed nurse while under a nurse's supervision. Registry status does not imply that an individual has met moral, ethical, or legal standards. The registry should not take the place of an employer's hiring screening process or background check.

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CNA TESTING - Contact South Dakota Health Care Association


Endorsement Application

  • Endorsement (aka Reciprocity) - A CNA who is registered in another state and wishes to be included on the South Dakota CNA Registry:

    Print the Endorsement Application, fill out the top half only, then mail the application to the registry in the state where you were first registered as a CNA - List of State CNA Registries

    Exceptions: If you were originally registered as a CNA in a state listed here:

    Arizona    California    Colorado    Illinois    Michigan    New York    North Carolina

    You need not send the endorsement application to that state's CNA Registry; you may complete the top half of the application form and then submit the form directly to the South Dakota CNA Registry.

A CNA who holds active registration in another state may work for up to 120 days in South Dakota on that active registration, while processing endorsement onto the South Dakota Registry - SCDL 44:04:18:03... a nursing facility may employ for a maximum of four months an individual to provide nurse aide duties ... if the individual can prove that approved training and competency evaluation has been completed and the individual has not yet been included on the registry. The nursing facility must ensure that such an individual actually obtains registry status within the four-month period.

  • A CNA registered in South Dakota who wishes to be registered as a CNA in another state should contact that CNA State Registry for instructions.


Application for Waiver of 75-hour Nurse Aide Training



  • Nursing Student

    A nursing student who has successfully completed fundamentals in nursing courses (grade C or better) at an approved South Dakota nursing education program may apply for a waiver and submit copies of transcripts.  The waiver, once granted, pertains to CNA training only; the applicant must pass the CNA written and skills competency evaluations before being registered as a CNA.  Nursing school courses are not applicable for renewal of CNA registration.

  • Education / Practice in other healthcare fields

    Training in another healthcare field (such as physical therapist, respiratory therapist, EMT, paramedic, occupational therapist, or medical assistant) does not qualify the applicant for the CNA training waiver. The applicant will need to enroll in an approved CNA Training Program and be evaluated by the program’s instructor regarding competencies relative to each specific content area and associated skills.  The instructor may require additional instruction in some areas, while in other areas the instructor may determine that the individual is competent.  Should the instructor find one-to-one instruction or evaluation too labor intensive, the individual may be required to complete the entire Nurse Aide Training Program.  The instructor is responsible to verify that the individual meets requirements of the Nurse Aide Training Program’s curriculum, totaling 75 hours of classroom and clinical instruction, and the instructor assumes the responsibility for qualifying the individual to complete the written and skills evaluation examinations.

FAQs for CNA Aide Waiver of Education


CNA Online Verification / Print Card


  • CNA Online Renewal
    • You must be able to demonstrate that you have worked as a CNA during the previous two years to renew registration online.
    • You may renew your CNA registration online as early as 90 days prior to expiration. If your registration has lapsed, you must submit a Paper Renewal & Employment Verification.
    • A paper card will not be mailed to you; you may print and/or save your card when you have completed the renewal process.
  • Paper Renewal & Employment Verification
    • If lapsed less than two years, you must be able to provide verification of employment as a CNA within the past two years.
    • If lapsed more than two years, please contact Stephanie Orth for a determination as to whether you must retrain and/or retest.
    • SDCL 44:04:18:25


  • An individual whose CNA registration has lapsed and who can show verification of employment performing nursing or nursing-related services for monetary compensation within the previous two years should contact the Nursing Program Specialist at the South Dakota Board of Nursing for a case-by-case determination as to whether registration can be reinstated.
  • An individual whose CNA registration has lapsed and who has not performed any nursing or nursing-related services for monetary compensation within the previous two years must complete a competency evaluation program to reinstate CNA registration.  The individual would need to enroll in an approved nurse aide training program; the instructor would evaluate the individual’s competencies and skills to determine if / how much retraining is needed.  The instructor is responsible to make the student eligible to test for the Written and Skills examinations.

    SDCL 44:04:18:25



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Current South Dakota Board of Nursing Approved Training Programs

CNA Training Program Approved Curricula

  • American Health Care Association - How to be a Nurse Assistant
  • Hartman's Nursing Assistant Care - Long Term Care and Home Care, 3rd Edition
  • Hartman's Nursing Assistant Care - The Basics, 4th Edition
  • Medcom, Inc - The New Nursing Assistant, 8th Edition
  • Mosby's Essentials for Nursing Assistants
  • Nebraska Health Care Association

Approved Online Didactic Instruction (it may be required that you are hired at a facility where you can do lab/clinical before you can be enrolled in didactic training):