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South Dakota Board of Nursing

Unlicensed Medication Aide (UMA)

A registered nurse (RN) and licensed practical nurse (LPN) may only delegate medication administration to a trained and competent Medication Aide listed on the South Dakota Board of Nursing (BON) Medication Aide Registry. 

Medication Administration Training Program Requirements

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Unlicensed Medication Aide (UMA) Registration

Medication Aide Registration Renewal

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Registration Verification

Registry status implies only that an unlicensed individual has met the minimal training and testing requirements necessary to accept delegated tasks by a licensed nurse while under a nurse's supervision. Registry status does not imply that an individual has met moral, ethical, or legal standards.The Registry should not take the place of an employer's hiring screening process or background check.


FAQs on Medication Aide Training and Testing

Medication Administration Training Program Requirements:

Medication Aide Training Programs (MATPs) are taught by a licensed RN with a minimum of 2 years experience. They are to follow approved curriculum as listed below. Programs are 20 hours in length (16 hours coursework + 4 hours of clinical/lab). Once approved, MATPs need to be re-approved every 2 years. Additionally, any curriculum or faculty changes must be approved by the SDBON.

List of Approved Medication Training Programs  

Medication Aide Training Program Approval Process and Forms:

1.  Complete the appropriate application:


2.  Select an approved curriculum from the list below. Complete the Curriculum Content Application Form, listing the name of the RN Instructor in Column 4, and send the completed form to the Board of Nursing office.

3.  Use the following required forms:

    • South Dakota Specific Requirements
    • Enrolled Student Log Forms (see curriculums in item 2 above)
    • Clinical Skills Checklist (The checklist should be maintained by the employer and does not need to be submitted to the BON. In addition, agency specific checklists may also be used.)
      • Certificate of Completion (this will be emailed to you upon program approval)

4.  Use optional teaching materials as desired:


For questions on training requirements or approval of MATPs contact Tessa Stob

Proctor Information:

An exam proctor, often the RN trainer, must be identified in order for the UMA applicant to take the exam. The proctor must have on file with the BON an approved Proctor Agreement Form.  To become a Proctor, or to determine whether you are currently approved as a Proctor, see Currently Approved Proctors.  The Proctor must adhere to the guidelines set forth within the Proctor Agreement while administering the exam. 


UMA Registration:

Licensed nurses may only delegate medication administration to individuals listed on the South Dakota Board of Nursing's UMA registry.  Once a UMA is registered the UMA may only administer medications under the delegated authority and supervision of a licensed nurse, pursuant to ARSD 20:48:04.01.

An individual wanting to become registered must have a minimum of a high school education and must complete a SD Board of Nursing approved MATP. The training program consists of 16 hours of coursework and 4 hours of clinical/lab training which includes a competency validation.  

After completion of the program, the individual must submit an application to the Board to request to take the exam with an approved proctor. After successful completion of the exam, the applicant will be listed on the UMA registry.

* Individuals who have taken medication aide training through the Division of Developmental Disabilities/Human Services are not eligible to be placed onto the SD Board of Nursing Medication Aide registry and must complete a SDBON approved medication aide training program. * 

UMA Application Process and Forms:

1.  Submit completed Initial Medication Aide Registration Application to the South Dakota BON. Allow up to 5-7 business days for the SDBON to process your application.

  • Nursing Students: May waive the 16-hour classroom portion of the MATP course, if the nursing student has successfully completed a pharmacology course and/or fundamentals in nursing course that included theory, lab, and clinical content in the area of medication administration. The student must still complete the 4-hour clinical/lab portion of the training with an RN to verify that the student is capable of performing all skills listed on the BON's approved skills competency checklist safely and competently.  Once the 4-hour lab portion of the required training is complete, the student must complete the Nursing Student Application and pass the board's UMA exam.

  • Endorsement: Individuals who have completed an equivalent MATP of at least 20 hours in length and who are currently registered as a medication aide on another state's medication aide registry may apply for endorsement and waiver of the 16-hour course content portion of the 20-hour MATP.  The applicant must still complete the 4-hour clinical/lab portion of the required training with an RN to verify that the individual is capable of performing all skills listed on the SDBON approved skills competency checklist safely and competently.  Once the 4-hour lab portion of the required training is complete, the individual must complete the UMA Endorsement Application and pass the board's UMA exam.

2.  Each applicant must take the South Dakota Board of Nursing's UMA Exam while under supervision of a proctor.    

3.  Once the UMA application has been received with the Board-approved Proctor identified, the Proctor will receive an email from the BON with test access information.  


4.  Following receipt of the online access information, the Proctor may administer the exam to the UMA applicant according to the proctor agreement guidelines. 


5.  The results of the exam are sent by email to the UMA applicant. 

  • An applicant who fails may retake the exam one time. Before retaking the exam, all learning materials should be reviewed with an RN, particularly in those categories with lower scores as indicated in the category results. The applicant may then submit a UMA Exam Re-Take Application. Applicants are encouraged to submit the UMA Exam Re-Take Application within 5 days (Allow up to 5-7 business days for the SDBON to process your application).If the applicant fails the exam the second time, the 20 hour course must be repeated.

6. After successfully completing the exam, the applicant will be listed on the UMA Registry.


7.  The RN may now choose to delegate medication administration to the UMA.

Exam information:

  • The applicant is allowed two hours to take the exam. The exam consists of 65 multiple choice questions.
  • Once the exam is started, the applicant cannot save and finish at a later time.
  • The applicant is not allowed to use books, notes, reference aids, cell phones, or open computer files or browsers while taking the exam.
  • The exam may not be printed, copied, videotaped, or photographed.

For questions on the exam process or registration contact Ashley Kroger

Medication Aide Registration Renewal:

Medication Aide Registration will remain active for two years after the date of issue.

Renewals can be submitted 90 days prior to your expiration date.

UMA Renewal Process:

  • A renewal notice and application will be sent to the last known address for each registered UMA 90 days prior to expiration.

Registration renewal information must be received by the South Dakota Board of Nursing office by your expiration date or your registration will lapse. You are responsible to maintain registration whether or not you receive a renewal notice.

Please follow instructions carefully to avoid delays in processing your renewal. If any information is incorrect, incomplete or illegible, processing may be delayed. You will be notified if additional information is required.

To RENEW your Unlicensed Medication Aide (UMA) registration, submit the following to the South Dakota Board of Nursing office:

You will be notified via mail when your registration has been renewed.

Registration Verification

The UMA, RN, and employer can verify registration status at  Registration cards may also be printed from this site; the BON does not print or mail registration cards.  UMA Registration is valid for 2 years after issue.

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