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South Dakota Board of Nursing

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IV Therapy Education:
         Pedagogy-Infusion: Online Learning Systems offers the South Dakota LPN IV Education course for LPNs that did not have IV therapy education included in their basic LPN education program and have a desire to include IV therapy in their basic scope. 

  • After completion of the online course LPNs should then complete the skills checklists and demonstrate competence in performing IV therapy under the supervision of a RN and according to facility IV therapy policies and procedures.  Completed checklists should be maintained by the LPN and employer; a copy does not need to be provided to the SD Board of Nursing.
    • Please also be advised the course includes content and skills checklists on tasks LPNs are not allowed to perform in South Dakota.  These skills and checklists should not be completed by LPNs:
      • IV push medication administration
      • Administration of infusate via an ambulatory infusion pump
      • Port-a-cath insertion and removal, and
      • Discontinuation of midlines, PICC, and central lines.
  • Once the course is successfully completed the LPN should then be able to add IV therapy to their scope of practice according to the South Dakota Nurse Practice Act, ARSD 20:48:04:06 and 20:48:04:07, demonstrated competency, and facility policy.

This course may also be helpful for LPNs and RNs that need a refresher course on current infusion therapy standards of care.  See website for more information and for course fee.